More than 3,000 hours of royalty free, HD & 4K footage of Israel and the Palestinian territories


From Founder and Managing Director, Noam Shalev:

In 2002, while producing a six-part documentary series for National Geographic, I realized that there was no professional video library of Israel. Later that year, we set out to fill the void ourselves. We began filming Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and other parts of the country, and a year later, we trained two aerial videographers to shoot according to the vision we defined then, and still follow today: filming high-quality footage of Israel and the Palestinian territories while using the most advanced technology and tools for production and distribution.
Today, in 2016, we are proud to offer more than 1,500 carefully selected clips in our online footage store. Every week, more clips are being filmed, edited and uploaded to our online store. We offer footage in HD, 3D, and 4K. We film aerial footage from drones, helicopters, and light airplanes. Additionally, we are proud to have expanded internationally - in 2014-15 we added 3 new collections to our library: time lapse clips of New York and beautiful footage of Beirut, Lebanon and Cairo, Egypt. We have many exciting plans for 2019, including the opening of a first 360 / VR video footage library of Israel, so be sure to follow us to hear the latest updates! 
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Highlight Films is Israel's leading production house for film, video and TV productions. We have established our Israel-footage library in 2002, and since then we have licensed footage to hundreds of film, TV and video productions taking place all over the world. All video clips are professionally shot in high definition or 4K. We are now in the process of re-shooting most of our HD aerial and ground footage in 4K. The footage in our online store is divided into categories searchable from every page. 
Israel from the air: we use both unmanned drones (multi-rotors), helicopters and light airplanes in order to get the best aerial footage of Israel, filmed by stabilized 4K cameras. Our license terms are specified here. In general, each clip can be licensed for a fixed rate for all matters and purposes involved with private or professional use, except for re-sale of footage. Our footage is primarily editorial.
Video clips presenting people cannot be used commercially unless all appearance rights have been cleared. 
The Israel-footage support team would be glad to assist you with any question.
Please contact us and we will get back to you ASAP.